European small claims procedure (DR015)

You can use this document to claim for money owed to you by a individual or business (the defendant) located in another EU country (Member State). Depending on the details the claim is sent either to a court in your own country or to a court in the Member State where the defendant is located. This process is called the European Small Claims Procedure (ESCP). The limit on claims is €2,000, but this excludes any interest due or other related costs that you may wish to also claim. The claim can be either for money owed or for other reasons, e.g. to force the defendent to deliver goods already paid for or some other similar obligation, or to prevent a legal wrong such as trespass etc. The ESCP is intended to be a written process with no need for either party to attend court. It is also designed so that a claim can be made without the need to hire a solicitor or lawyer, thus saving on costs. This LawOnline process is only suitable where both claimant and defendant are located within the EU.

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European Small Claims Procedure

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